Sports facilities

There are many sports facilities in the premises of AWF Warsaw and its total area amounts to 113 040 m2. Among of the facilities there are: an athletics stadium suitable for hosting premium events, halls: athletics, games hall, gymnastics, team sports, indoor swimming pool with trampolines for jumping, specialized pavilions for martial arts and weight training classes, pitches for team sports: rugby, soccer, beach volleyball and forest training areas. Sports facilities of the University are open to clubs and sports organizations. Moreover, they are a place of preparation for the Polish Olympians.

Numerous and modern sports facilities may be also found in AWF Warsaw External Faculty in Biała Podlaska: sport halls, gymnastics halls, a swimming pool. The University possesses two private water sports centres in Piękna Góra next to Giżycko and in Rybitwy next to Pisz, where summer camps, courses, specialized trainings and classes are conducted.