Academic activity

Research activity of AWF Warsaw is conducted within the framework of research projects in the fields of physical culture (theory and methodology of physical culture, sports, biochemistry, physiology, anthropology, biomechanics, anatomy, psychology, pedagogy, philosophy and sociology, organization and management, physiotherapy, tourism and recreation).
Conducted researches are aimed at assessing the health and biological condition of Polish people. They are also to define the role of physical culture in maintenance of proper health condition of the society – physical and metal condition.
Academic teachers realize Grants obtained thanks to participation in competitions organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Centre for Science and the National Centre for Research and Development. Partners of AWF Warsaw in established research consortia are the leading scientific and educational institutions: the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, the Institute of Sport, the Institute of Food and Nutrition, Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Experimental Biology of Marceli Nencki, the Main School of Fire Service, Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection of Józef Tuliszkowski – the National Research Institute, the Institute of Industrial Design and Medicover.
The University has been carrying out statutory projects, including projects of young scientists funded by grants from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Every year the University organizes a number of major scientific conferences, both national and international.